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Incontinence Solutions

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If you are one of the millions of women dealing with urinary incontinence, you are aware of the negative effects it can have on your quality of life. Bladder leakage affects women of all ages, but it is more likely to be a problem for those over the age of 50. Whether you have severe bladder problems and want a resolution that works for bladder leakage, there are solutions available to you at Ideal Body Institute (formerly Georgia SurgiCare).

What causes incontinence?

Urinary incontinence, or the unintentional passing of urine, is a common problem for women. Your individual case of urinary incontinence could be related to several physical issues. If you are currently suffering from incontinence, you may have one of the following conditions:

  • Stress incontinence: This kind of incontinence occurs when your bladder is under stress or strain. A good example of this would be coughing or laughing. This causes urine to leak from your bladder.
  • Urge incontinence: This refers to bladder leakage during a sudden urge to pass urine.
  • Overflow incontinence: (urinary retention): The inability to fully empty your bladder which leads to leakage.
  • Total incontinence: The inability to store any urine. This causes you to pass urine frequently or have frequent leakage.

It is possible to have one or more types of incontinence at the same time.

What are some
solutions to incontinence?

For some, non-surgical treatments can treat or control urinary incontinence. These treatments may include:

  • Pelvic floor muscle strengthening (the muscles which support the bladder)
  • Lifestyle changes (such as quitting alcohol)
  • Medication

If those methods are not controlling incontinence the following can be used:

  • Urethral bulking agents: This is a substance that is injected into the walls of the urethra. It can help women suffering from stress incontinence.
  • BOTOX injections: BOTOX can be injected into the bladder. It is a successful way to treat urge incontinence for many women.

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Surgical solutions to incontinence

The following is a list of surgical procedures that are an effective solution to incontinence for many women:

  • Colposuspension: This is a surgery that involves making a small incision on your stomach, lifting the bladder and stitching it into place. This can help prevent bladder leakage.
  • Sling surgery: This surgery involves making a small incision on your abdomen and vaginal area. A sling is placed which prevents urine leaks. The sling is generally made of body tissue or animal tissue.
  • Vaginal mesh surgery: A small piece of mesh is placed behind the urethra and is supported by a sling. this type of procedure can have complications if not executed by a highly trained surgeon with expertise in vaginal mesh surgery such as those available at Ideal Body Institute.

Am I a candidate for incontinence solutions?

You will receive an initial consultation to determine which option will be most effective for you, and to evaluate your health and medical history.

Why choose Ideal Body Institute?

  • The main reason you may wish to choose Ideal Body Institute for your incontinence procedure is the caliber of surgeons we have available to you. All our surgeons are highly experienced and have undergone rigorous hours of training in their respective fields. Many have the highest certifications possible for their areas of expertise.
  • If you are a candidate for one of our incontinence procedures, you may even be able to schedule your surgery for the same day.
  • Our luxury private center can provide you with the outstanding outcome you are looking for using the latest state of the art technology.