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At Ideal Body Institute, we perform advanced surgeries to help restore the health of people who have diabetes. The surgery performed will reflect the physical problems the individual is experiencing as a result of diabetes. Every patient is living with a unique set of symptoms and issues associated with diabetes. Our team of medical professionals performs a range of advanced treatments, including:

Dialysis surgeries

If you require dialysis to maintain your health, you may need surgery to place or repair a port, provide vascular access, or other treatment. Our vein experts at Ideal Body Institute can help with any of the following procedures:

  • Arteriovenous fistula: An artery is connected to a vein in your arm to create an “AV fistula.” The blood vessel is now wider and stronger and able to handle the blood flow of dialysis.
  • Arteriovenous graft: This surgery installs a plastic tube to connect an artery to a vein.
  • Venous catheter: Also called a central line, a venous catheter can be installed as an access point through which medicines can be provided over a more extended period.
  • Vascular access surgery: Various types of surgery can create access through a vein to remove and return the blood during dialysis.
  • PICC: A longer catheter inserted through a peripheral vein into a larger vessel in the body to allow intravenous medications to be administered over a longer period.
  • PermaCath: A special IV line is placed into a blood vessel in the neck or upper chest, beneath the collarbone.
  • Peritoneal dialysis access: Placing a soft tube in the abdomen through which peritoneal dialysis can be performed to treat kidney failure.
  • Dialysis and fistula or graft declotting and interventions: Over time, a blood vessel access point may require intervention to keep them functioning correctly.
  • Mediport: We can place a small medical appliance beneath your skin, which allows access for diabetes medications.
  • PowerPort: A PowerPort device can be implanted to allow higher quantities of intravenous medications to be delivered. A PowerPort enables medications to enter the bloodstream through a larger vein near your heart.

Why choose Ideal Body Institute?

We offer a range of surgeries to help people who have diabetes, all of which are performed in our luxury, private, outpatient surgical center. We offer quality patient care at affordable rates and fast, same-day services for diabetes surgical procedures. Our state-of-the-art private clinic is equipped with the most advanced technologies, allowing us to perform less invasive, safer surgeries, with a faster recovery. We are proud of our outstanding patient outcomes and our reputation for excellence in these surgical procedures.

Diabetes Surgery

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