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Almost every person in the world has a few moles, and many others have dozens. Also known as a “nevus,” they are usually benign, and they can come in varying colors, shapes, and sizes, or have hair. Fairer skinned people tend to have more moles, and they are often genetic.

What are moles?

Moles are naturally occurring concentrations of cell growth. The cells produce pigment, called melanin, the source of the color. Moles can develop throughout your life, especially during times of hormonal changes such as puberty.

Some types of moles develop due to an excess of sun exposure. If you are developing moles later in life, then be sure to have them checked as they may have a higher risk of malignancy. Our dermatologist can evaluate your moles so you can have peace of mind.

Different types of moles

Moles are categorized by when they developed, their shape, color, and their potential for developing cancerous cells. The three main types of moles are:

  • Congenital moles: Also known as birthmarks
  • Common moles: also known as acquired moles (they develop on your skin after birth)
  • Dysplastic nevi: These are atypical, or irregular shaped or colored moles that may have similar attributes to a melanoma but are more commonly benign

Having your moles checked, particularly any that have developed recently, is the best way to ensure that any malignancy can be found and treated as soon as possible.


How do I know if I have a cancerous mole?

The best way to know is to have it checked out! At Ideal Body Institute we can determine the health of your skin and detect any sign of malignancy in your moles. This can be performed with various tests that involve taking samples from suspicious looking moles.

If you have a lot of moles, it is advised to have them checked regularly. Some of the warning signs that you can look out for include:

  • Bleeding or oozing from a mole
  • An irregular or asymmetrical shape
  • Noticeable growth or change of a mole
  • Irregular edges around a mole
  • Color change or many different colors developing in a mole
  • Moles that are painful

Why choose Ideal Body Institute in Atlanta, GA, for mole removal?

Ideal Body Institute prides itself on their medical team and breadth of expertise. Our team members can help you by checking your moles for malignancy as well as providing the best form of treatment for their removal.

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