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Keloids are large, smooth, and hard mounds of tissue that form as a result of an injury to the skin. Not everyone develops keloid scars, only ten percent of people are prone to developing them. They can sometimes be itchy or feel irritated, but they are not harmful.

What are keloids and how do they form?

Keloids form when a wound heals and too much tissue is grown. The scar tissue, or fibrous tissue that grows over the area to close the wound, exceeds the bounds of the injury site and becomes raised and often discolored. Keloids are a cosmetic concern for many people, especially as they commonly form on the face, ears, and shoulders.

Keloids tend to be more common in younger people, women who are pregnant, and people of Asian and Latino ethnicities. Keloids are best treated and removed by our medical team at Ideal Body Institute, as they will be prone to growing back when not treated correctly.

What kinds of injuries can lead to keloid formation?

If you are prone to keloid scarring, then most skin injuries, even minor ones, can lead to developing a keloid scar. Such injuries include:

  • Ear piercings or other body piercing sites
  • Acne and chickenpox wounds
  • Scratches or abrasions
  • Incision sites from surgeries
  • Vaccination or injection sites

Since keloids are the result of scarring, if they are cut off or removed, they can grow back again as a healing response to the new injury.


Keloid surgery

Older and larger keloids can often be removed by surgery, although it is still possible for the keloid to return due to the unique way your body heals. Some keloids can be the size of a golf ball, or large and irregular. If it is a severe enough or large enough keloid that it is inconvenient, or cosmetically frustrating, then the benefits of surgery can outweigh the potential of it growing back.

Laser treatments for keloid removal

Laser treatments may be recommended for various types of scars, including keloids, to resurface the skin. It is often used to treat the keloid and the surrounding skin but there may still be some residual scarring.

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Minimizing the risk of developing keloids

Corticosteroid injections are often used after surgical removal or other treatments to minimize the risk of developing a new keloid scar. Certain types of bandages that compress the area are also used to encourage the area to heal smoothly.

Discoloration of keloid scars can be exaggerated by tanning or excess sun exposure. This should be avoided to keep the scar less noticeable.

Why choose Ideal Body Institute for keloid treatments in Atlanta, GA?

Our medical team has the experience and knowledge to treat your keloid scars effectively, so that you can stop feeling self-conscious about them. We will work with you to give you relief from them and to keep them from your skin.

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