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Essure is a form of birth control that uses tubal occlusion (a form of female sterilization that utilizes a blockage of the fallopian tubes). You may have chosen to undergo sterilization with Essure and now feel that you would like to have it removed. Essure removal is extremely complex and should only be trusted to an expert in cosmetic and reconstructive vaginal surgery.

What is Essure?

The Essure system was meant to be a permanent form of female sterilization. It involved placing metal coils inside the fallopian tubes. The metal coils would eventually cause the fallopian tubes to scar over, preventing sperm from reaching an egg, thus preventing pregnancy. The procedure did not require any incisions as it could be done vaginally.

The company that manufactured Essure has since ceased to make the Essure system. You may be reading this because you are one of the many women who has experienced painful side effects with Essure such as:

  • Perforation of the fallopian tubes or uterus
  • Allergic reaction to the Essure system
  • Heavy periods
  • Shifting of coils to another area of the abdomen
  • Infections
  • Bowel problems

Am I a candidate for Essure removal?

Having the Essure system removed is a personal choice. During your consultation, your surgeon will go over your reasons for having Essure removed and your various options. It is extremely important to seek out a surgeon that has an extensive background in this exact procedure. Essure removal can be done without removal of the fallopian tubes if extracted by someone who is highly trained in this specific process.

Essure Removal

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What to expect during Essure removal?

If you are having symptoms from Essure and wish to have it removed and do not want to get pregnant in the future, we can perform Essure removal and tubal occlusion. This must be done under general anesthesia and can take anywhere from 60 to 80 minutes.

The coils will be removed and any damaged tissue surrounding them. Your surgeon will preserve your fallopian tubes and blood supply as much as possible.

Why Choose Ideal Body Institute?

  • We have some of the best cosmetic surgeons trained in cosmetic and reconstructive vaginal procedures. This is important when it comes to a specialized procedure such as Essure removal
  • If you would like to preserve your fallopian tubes or possibly get pregnant in the future, you need to have your Essure system removed by an experienced surgeon such as those available at Ideal Body Institute.
  • We are a private luxury surgical center with a state-of-the-art private clinic. We want to make our services accessible to all, so we provide the highest level of surgical care at affordable prices.

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