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Some people who have undergone bariatric surgery to reduce the size of the stomach pouch start to regain excess weight over time. The regained weight is the result of the reduced stomach pouch stretching, allowing more food to be consumed. The Apollo bariatric treatment is a revision surgery to restore your stomach to the smaller size it had after your primary bariatric surgery.

What is Apollo bariatric treatment?

If you are one of the people who have been dismayed to regain the weight you lost after bariatric surgery, we urge you to visit us at Ideal Body Institute to find out more about this revision surgery. It is performed endoscopically, and requires no incisions, reducing the risk of complications, and allows you to return to your usual routine in about 48 hours.

Is Apollo revision surgery the answer to my weight gain?

It is very distressing to have undergone a bariatric procedure, lost a dramatic amount of weight, and to see it returning over time. With the development of the Apollo treatment, you have the opportunity to restore your stomach to its smaller size, without incisions, stitches, or long recovery time.

How does the Apollo revision surgery work?

The procedure is performed endoscopically. You will be under anesthesia, so you are comfortable throughout the treatment. The stomach pouch is accessed through your mouth, with special endoscopic instruments. A flexible tube is inserted, which carries specialized sutures and instruments. Our bariatric surgeon at Ideal Body Institute will suture the stomach create a smaller pouch, restricting the quantity of food that it can accept.

Apollo Bariatric Treatment

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Is Apollo revision surgery right for me?

If you have regained some or all of the weight you lost after bariatric surgery, the Apollo bariatric treatment may be right for you. Not everyone who has regained weight is a candidate for this fast, effective procedure. If you have a medical condition that could affect the outcome, such as GERD, or an abnormal narrowing of the esophagus, this revision may not be right for you.

Is Apollo revision surgery covered by insurance?

Health insurance may not cover your procedure. Thankfully, you have the option to finance your procedure if you qualify. Our friendly administrative staff will be happy to assist you with your insurance or financing questions.

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