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Can I have gastric sleeve surgery twice?

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Can I have gastric sleeve surgery twice?

Approximately half of all bariatric surgery patients regain some of their lost weight within 2 years of the procedure. While the possibility of weight regain is scary, most patients manage to keep off around 60% of the excess weight even after 5 years.

After you hit your low point or “nadir,” you’re likely to start regaining some weight, though, in most cases, it will only be a fraction of your original weight. It’s worth pointing out that weight regain is normal, and most patients only gain back a small fraction of their excess weight.

However, if you’re unhappy with your weight regain, you can repeat your gastric sleeve surgery, also called a “gastric sleeve revision (or conversion).” In this article, we discuss when you should consider a second gastric sleeve surgery.


What is gastric sleeve surgery?

Gastric sleeve surgery is an advanced weight loss procedure wherein sutures are used to reduce your stomach’s size by 70 to 80%. With a reduced stomach size, you’re likely to feel fuller a lot sooner, and your stomach won’t secrete as many hunger hormones, making you feel less hungry.

As such, you don’t feel hunger pangs quite often, so you’re not tempted to snack between meals. Even when you get hungry and eat, your stomach fills up faster, so you naturally control your portions. Over the next few months, you’ll gradually lose the excess weight, though the specific amount of weight loss will depend on your lifestyle.


What is a gastric sleeve revision?

Gastric sleeve revision or conversion is the second or repeat gastric sleeve surgery. It reduces your stomach size to what it was after the first gastric sleeve surgery, using the same procedure and method as the first surgery. In most cases, the procedure is done using an endoscopic device on an outpatient basis.


What are the reasons to consider a second gastric sleeve surgery?

There are two prominent reasons to consider a gastric sleeve surgery twice. First, you’ve gained back a significant amount of weight after the first gastric sleeve. Second, you’re experiencing certain complications associated with the first gastric sleeve surgery.


A second gastric sleeve surgery to address weight gain (Gastric Conversion).

You may regain weight because your sleeved stomach is stretched a little, or your old lifestyle and eating habits return. Gastric conversion surgery is when the gastric sleeve surgery is repeated because you’ve regained significant amounts of excess weight — your stomach is again reduced to control your hunger pangs.